Learning Leadership Through New Media for Better Blogging and Internet Presence

Learning leadership through new media training will enhance a brand bottom line by rounding out how many people are listening to what’s being said through the social interaction of the internet and responding to it with Facebook likes and blog subscriptions Tiny zone.

In this article I want to share how you can be learning leadership in new media by simply including two easy and accessible tools.

I have a personal blog and a business blog and the lines have blurred from one to another. Once they did my Twitter count steadily increased and Facebook group membership rose also. There was another measureable increase and that is the blog page became stickier which means those people who came to it spent more time on it and you know that the stickier the page the better.

What caused the increase?

First the blogs are content driven and I daily practice leadership by creating content that attracts page views but more importantly builds the brand of my beauty business by being a content leader. A blog reader and web viewer can trust that seven days a week the blog is going to have fresh, relevant beauty content daily.