Martial Arts Fighting Fitness Challenge 1: The 6 Lap Sprint

Every serious martial arts practitioner knows how important it is to be in great shape in order to fight at their best. Bruce Lee was a huge advocate of physical conditioning, and it shows in everything he did on the screen and off Best Muscle Building Supplements. He even went so far as to include physical fitness as a part of his art, Jeet Kune Do.

In the Tao of Jeet Kune Do he wrote what he termed “The Facts Of Jeet Kune Do”, a list of what a JKD student focuses on in training. Number 4 on the list is “Weight training and scientific supplementary training plus all-around fitness.” (pg. 23). Truth is, if you’re not doing fitness training in conjunction with practicing your techniques you’re missing half the ingredients for developing yourself as a complete martial artist D-bal max.

Now I know exercise and fitness training can be monotonous at times and not as exciting as other aspects of martial arts training. To confess, over the last year as I have been focusing on other things in my life I have let my own personal fitness program waiver and, as much as I love training and sparring, I have suffered the consequences of this neglect Crazy bulk steroids. So I have decided to do what everyone should do when they fall off the horse as far fitness training goes. That’s right. You get right back on the horse.