Summer Body Workout Tips For Men

Summer is fast approaching and while women seem to have a constant steam of tips available on how to achieve that summer body, men are often not offered the same kind of advice so freely. We thought some of the men out there might appreciate a few simple, no-fuss workout tips as we approach the summer. Below are the answers to three frequently asked questions on how to tone up this year.

How can I fit getting into shape into my busy routine?

The easiest way to incorporate a fitness plan into your busy lifestyle may be simply to get out of bed half an hour earlier in the morning and spring into action before heading off to work. It’s the best way to start your day and will leave you feeling energised, focused and confident. If you can find a little more time, a gym visit would be even better, enabling the use of free weights, which offer a really effective way to increase muscle tone and lose excess weight. Whichever you are able to commit to, 30 minutes of exercise and a shower is all the time you need daily to start seeing big improvements.

If you can’t manage 30 minutes there is no still excuse – spend 15 minutes cramming in some exercise whenever you can. You will find you are able to fit more into this time as your fitness levels improve.

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