Tips For A First Time Generator Buyer

If you’re experiencing frequent power outages in your home, you may be thinking about buying or leasing a generator. Having a generator means that, when your main electricity supply fails, you’ll still have enough power to light your home, run your refrigerator and turn on your television – depending on the type of generator you utilise.

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However, if you’ve never bought or rented a generator before, it can be a daunting experience. Buying one can be a considerable outlay, and while renting one may consolidate the expense into manageable monthly sums, there’s still a lot of pressure to choose the right model that will provide your home with the power you need. So what exactly do you need to look out for when choosing a generator?

Generator Wattage and Fuel

The first thing to consider is wattage. Make a list of all the home appliances you want your generator to be able to power, and find out what wattage they require. For example, you might want your lights, television and computer to have power, but you may not necessarily require your generator to power your washing machine. If you can’t find wattage information in your home (appliance manuals and booklets should tell you), conduct a quick search on the relevant manufacturer’s website or ask the retailer or hire company of your choice for advice. Once you’ve added up the required wattage to power the appliances on your list, the generator you choose should have a maximum wattage that exceeds this.