Top Workout Tips to Help You Get in Shape

Whether you are just about to embark on a health and fitness program to get in shape or whether you are a health nut who cannot live without a daily jog along the beach, here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your workouts.

Warm Up

Before you begin your workout, you need to warm your muscles and slowly speed up your heart. Starting your workout with low intensity and gradually raising it is the best way to do this. Get the blood flowing through your body by taking a short walk, marching in place or moving through a few basic exercises without intense effort.


After you have warmed your muscles by getting the blood pumping with mild exercise, do some stretches to prepare your muscles for the hard work through which you are about to put them. Flexibility during a workout is imperative to reducing the chance of strain or injury. Stretching after a workout releases the lactic acids that build up during exercise and reduces muscle soreness afterwards.

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