Wolf Ring Silver Jewelry Cases For Travel

If you have ever traveled with any of your valuables, then you know that a jewelry case is essential in these circumstances. A good travel jewelry case will keep jewelry organized as well as safe. Jewelry cases for travel, if properly made, are designed with these objectives in mind. A good travel case will protect the jewelry that is inside of it, of course, but will also be strong enough to accommodate the demands that travel makes. Such cases can also be fashionable accessories in and of themselves. An interested traveler with good materials and an artistic streak can make a case themselves, but anyone without the time or the inclination can get one from a retailer. Travelers can choose from many materials for their cases, including leather, plastic, aluminum, and a wide variety of fabrics.

The retailer L.L. Bean sells lightweight travel cases with dividers that organize as well as protect the jewelry. On one side of the case, soft pegs are arranged in rows to keep the chains of different bracelets and necklaces from tangling. Storage trays are provided on another side for rings, watches, pins, and cuff links. The case comes with a velvet liner that protects against tarnish and scratches, and the exterior of the case is protected with a rubber coating. The case opens easily, with one quick touch. Although designed to withstand the needs of travel, the case can also be used at a home as a simple and practical jewelry organizer.

Red Envelope’s wolf ring silver Designs collection offers beautiful leather jewelry cases. The company’s trademarked faux suede is used to protect against tarnish and scratches. There are lots of compartments inside the case, but the case itself is still compact enough for a small safe in your hotel. There is even a pull-out case inside of the larger case, and you can order the nickel tab engraved with initials. Like the L.L. Bean case, these jewelry cases can be used for home use or travel.

Some cases are less conventional. Brookstone offers a case made of leather with tucked corners and detailed stitching. The case is portable and boasts neat compartments for careful organization. It is available in several colors and can also be monogrammed. Some of these organizers can cost a lost of money, but there are more frugal alternatives. Baggallini offers mini European-inspired cases for travel that range between ten and fifteen dollars, and also come in many varieties.