Master the 30/30 Challenge!

As we have discussed before, when it comes to learning a language, there are two definitions of the verb 'to understand'. Most people think that to understand a word means to know its meaning. This is merely half the truth because you can only learn the meaning of a new word if you first understand it in a phonetic way. You need to be able to recognize the sound patterns of new words and phrases if you want to learn them. This is where the vast majority of English learners fall short. They never get enough exposure to spoken English. They limit their listening activities to just a few hours of classroom English or a couple of ESL audio CDs. Your approach should be different because you want better results. You want to be a winner and make the very best of your potential.

Let's get back to your typical 30/30 Challenge day. After you wake up, you switch on the telly and tune it in to English. If you don't have access to English TV programmes yet, you can use an audio book instead. Whatever resource you are using, make sure that you are exposed to spoken English as soon as you get up. Feed your ears with English while you're feeding your stomach with breakfast. If you have a spouse and children, they probably want to talk with you in the morning or watch TV themselves. You need to explain to your family that you are on the 30/30 Challenge, and that it is vital that they support you. In fact, ask them if they want to try the challenge with you! If this is not possible, then you should simply get up 15 minutes earlier than usual so you have a little time for yourself before the rest of your family awakes. Remember, winners control and change their habits when necessary.