Master the 30/30 Challenge!

What should your 30/30 Challenge diary or blog look like? You can structure your diary entries in various ways – in any way that suits your personality, actually. You can create a spreadsheet or a word processing file, or use any kind of calendar software. Or you can create a simple text entry for every day of your Challenge. Whatever method you choose, your entry should contain the following information:

- Day and date of your Challenge
- Listening times
- Resources
- Topics
- New words and phrases
- Notes on the speakers (accent, voice, intonation, speed, etc.)
- How you felt during the listening process
- Any other information you want to include (such as Internet tape script source, random thoughts, etc.)

Here is an example of what a diary entry might look like:

"Day 11: Thursday, November 18th

Switched on CNN at 6:30 am. TV was on for about 15 minutes, but listened only intermittently, so net listening time was about 7 minutes. Some keywords: 'stock exchange', 'high crude oil prices', 'investors'. A lot of words I didn't know how to spell, like 'volatility'. I heard that several times with other words like 'market volatility'. Googled it later & found the spelling.

On the way to work, listened to 'A Simple Plan' (audio book from Audible). I knew the story because I read it 2 months ago, but it was still hard to follow the narrator. He spoke pretty fast. Listening time only about 5 minutes. Heavy traffic.

At lunch, listened to 2nd track of 'A Simple Plan' again. This time I understood much more, but some words still new to me. The word "'duffel bag' I hadn't heard before. On Wikipedia, 'duffel bag' is similar to 'ruck sack' or 'backpack'. 2 spellings – 'duffel' and 'duffle'. Net listening time during lunch was about 10 minutes and I understood most of it. 'A Simple Plan' is very gripping. Really enjoyed it. Coworkers looked at me kind of funny, but then I told them I want to improve my English this way, & their faces showed respect.

Going back home, continued listening to 'A Simple Plan', but my thoughts drifted off. Thinking about work. Story played in the background for at least 15 minutes & some phrases got stuck in my head.

Tonight, CNN again for 20 minutes. Listened to it off and on. Some news about a Russian oil tanker that sank in the Black Sea due to a severe storm. I heard the same report last night, so could make out much more information this time. Tomorrow, more 'A Simple Plan'."