Winners know why they are learning English

Before we start exploring a new language learning system, let's examine why we're learning English in the first place. Maybe you are thinking that the answer is obvious, but it's really not. The question "Why do I want to learn English?" is even more important than "How can I learn English?" Most people don't succeed in their efforts simply because they don't have a clear understanding of their motives. As with any other endeavor, the question "Why am I doing this?" is much more important than the question "How can I do this?" Once you know why you want to do something, you will find the ways and means to achieve it. I've met literally thousands of students who were trying to learn English. Invariably, those who knew exactly why they wanted to improve their English were the most successful, while those who were studying only because somebody else had told them to do so made very little or no progress at all. That's why it makes perfect sense to re-examine your reasons for learning the language, and maybe some of these next suggestions will help you make your commitment even stronger.