So why are YOU learning English?

5) "I want to learn English as a way of relaxation and mental stimulation." Most students see English as a burden, a task they have to put extra time and effort into on a regular basis. As a winner, however, you are different. To you, learning English is a means of releasing stress and recharging your batteries. Yes, learning English is a source of power and energy because it helps you explore your untapped potential. English can pick you up when you're feeling down. Instead of just listening to music, listen to an English audio book, and let the sounds of the voices relax you. Let the words and phrases filter through your mind until you're completely calm and at peace. It might take a while before you reach the point where listening to English soothes and centers you, actually makes you feel good, but once you get there, you will have a powerful technique of self-management at your disposal.