So why are YOU learning English?

7) "I want to learn English in order to find out more about myself." Learning English is an exciting journey that provides a lot of opportunities to find out who you really are. Along the way, you reach points at which you have to overcome obstacles and make small sacrifices, and in the beginning, it may be hard for you to change your listening habits. A lot of people give up after a very short time. Will you be able to stick to your decision to learn English and follow through on it like a winner? What is more important to you – listening to pop music and watching movies or improving your English by listening to authentic sources on a daily basis?

Acquiring a second language is all about your ability to control and change your habits. By studying English, you will discover your real character and how much you are in command of your own habits. Many people believe that their life situation depends on outside factors, on factors that they cannot control. They think that it's very difficult or impossible to control their own lives, that it's their boss, or their neighbors, or their government, who determines how they live. By mastering English, you can prove to yourself that you are an independent, self-determining individual, free in your choices. English will give you a tremendous boost in self-confidence because it helps you overcome your limits and grow as a person.