So why are YOU learning English?

8) "I want to learn English to train and improve my memory and my perceptions." Your mind is your most important asset – if you use it properly, you can achieve anything you want. Your mind is where you experience happiness, make plans for the future, and build new understanding. Wouldn't it make a lot of sense to train and improve your memory on a regular basis? Yet, how many people do you know who engage in memory training exercises? Well, winners make it a habit of keeping their minds constantly busy by feeding their intellects with new information and new ideas. Learning English is the ideal activity to expand the capabilities of your memory while improving your communication skills. You'll realize that when you learn English like a winner, your mental performance in other areas, such as mathematics and strategic planning, increases too. What's more, it will keep your mind fit and vital, so you'll live longer, healthier and happier. Using English on a daily basis will constantly infuse you with new mental energy and increase your intellectual power.