So why are YOU learning English?

9) "I want to learn English as a part of developing a lifelong learning system." You have probably heard about lifelong learning. Yes, it's true that we continue to learn as long as we live. Life is a school, an unending learning process. However, very few students have ever made a real effort to create their own learning system. They rely on others to develop learning tools and techniques for them. Most students turn to commercial language schools to tell them how to learn, and as a result they never establish their own study habits. Their line of thinking goes like this: "Why should I develop my own system, when I'm paying the school to teach me? They are the language experts, and it's their job to make sure my English improves."

Well, the difference between the average student and a winner is that winners take much more responsibility for their success. They do not trust a school's learning system, because learning is a lifelong process, and you need to learn how to teach yourself. Since everyone is different, you have to experiment with approaches, techniques and concepts to create your own individual learning system. Learning English is an excellent opportunity to accomplish this.