What does it take to learn English successfully?

Because you have an interest in the ideas and techniques outlined in this book, you're well on your way to learning English like a winner.

As we've already established, the vast majority of people who are trying to learn English receive rather disappointing results, and they are unhappy with the progress they make. They say things like "My English is not so good", "I must improve my English" or "I learned English a long time ago but I forgot most of it". Most people fail when it comes to learning English, even though many of them won't admit it. Let's say you spend a large amount of money on a private English course, but at the end of it you notice that your English hasn't improved much. Would you tell anyone about it? Do you like to admit you failed? And how can you be sure you failed, anyway? After all, you did learn some more English, didn't you?

It can be pretty difficult to define success for an English learner, and most will never make an effort to find out what it really takes to learn English properly. You are different because you want to belong to the elite group of winners. Next, I want to list several principles you need to follow in order to learn English like a winner. Please go through each statement carefully and make sure you fully grasp its meaning. As you study this list, stop at every single item and consider whether you meet that particular requirement. It's vital that you adhere to each of the following statements, because they are the basis for your success.

1) "I understand that I have to try out new ideas and concepts." To the Chinese the definition of the word 'insane' is doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results. If you continue studying English the way you used to, you will keep getting the same results. Since you want to improve your English, it follows that you will have to change your learning tools and techniques. Please bear in mind that the vast majority of English learners don't want to do the things winners like to do.